Thursday, June 11, 2009

She Says "Totally" Way Too Much

My daughter threatens to give her aunt a smooch!
My little sister. Well, I have two so I should say my littlest sister. Except she isn't that little - today she turns 25. Needless to say, I am in shock, but mostly because that just means I am now truly old. While I am reeling from that concept, here are some things that make me think of her:

Duracell / "totally" / coffee / Bon Jovi / hangin' with the niece and nephew / long red locks / dimples / more coffee / Denver / fun jewelry / blue Toyota truck / mad barista skillz / C & C Music Factory / music editor / "... Adorable" / "Good job Gee, good job!" / American Dream Pizza / music editor / "Where did you get your red hair ...? / watching The Sandlot ... about a million times! / holding my newborn daughter

Happy Birthday to you little sister, I love you!

My son seems quite happy perched in her lap.


Lindsay said...

Ack...the last time I think I saw her in person was at your wedding. I clearly remember the Sandlot obsession. :) Happy bday Laura!

PeePaw said...

Very Nice! You forgot Nelson! Oh wait it was forgetable, Sorry!