Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Letters Of Complaint

Dear Fabric & Craft Stores,

First I would like to say that I understand the need to make money. I mean, this has been a tough year for businesses - franchised and locally owned. And I understand the desire to draw customers in by displaying things to fuel their creativity.

But ... is it really necessary to put out your animatronic Halloween displays in the middle of July? I mean, come on! I don't like escaping into your store from the 95° weather outside, only to be greeted by the wailing of ghosts and cackling of witches. Furthermore, I am a HUGE fan of the autumn season and I start to yearn for it every time I pass by your isle of clove and cinnamon scented candles.

Please have mercy on one of your best customers.

Respectfully yours,
Longing For Hot Cider And Chunky Wool Sweaters


Dear Nutrisystem Marketers:

I am confident that your diet plan works. You have many famous celebrities and "regular people" to attest to that. However, is it necessary to have your mini-infomercial play EVERY commercial break? Do you really believe that monopolizing the airwaves with your gibberish about how good your pasta and burgers are is well received?

Truth be told, I either roll my eyes, mute the TV, or leave the room every time that annoying Gillian-what's-her-name talks about how cool she is because she can catch a football. Big whoop! And really I probably wouldn't be so annoyed with your commercials if you didn't play them so frequently.

The Most Annoyed TV Watcher EVER


Lindsay said...

DVR, Kelly. It changed my life. I never have to watch another commercial again!!!!

Kelly said...

I have had Tivo for quite some time and LOVE it! But they don't have it at the gym and we don't have it on the upstairs TV. Hence my complaint!