Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodwill Hunting

Right now I am enjoying a nibble of a Dagoba "Seeds" bar and listening to the laundry spin around and round in the dryer. Some of our new purchases are in that dryer ... today we went to Goodwill. Have I ever mentioned that I love Goodwill? It is somewhere that we go every couple of months for these reasons:

1. Our kids outgrow their clothes so much, it doesn't make much sense to buy brand new clothes at retail prices all the time. In fact, our kids wear a lot of things from Goodwill because many of the clothes are in great shape and are so inexpensive that it isn't a big deal if they cease to fit in a couple of months. We have found name brand things like Tommy Hilfiger and Osh Kosh there before and my daughter certainly finds her fill of Disney Princess items.

My husband picked this corduroy shirt for my son to wear in the fall. He'll look adorable!

This cool summer tank top is just one of many princess themed items my daughter chose.

2. For years I have desired an old steamer trunk (think Titanic). I originally had in mind that I would store linens in one, or have it in my bedroom for extra storage. Well, recently we found one at Goodwill. It was a decent price, and we were lucky to snatch it up because while we were looking at it in the store, there was a lot of interest from other people. We now have it in our family room and it stores over-sized toys that otherwise took up too much room.

This trunk is so awesomely worn in, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was from the Titanic!

3. Books. Books. Books. My daughter gets so excited to go to Goodwill because she is allowed to pick out one book per visit. Of course she goes right for the Disney stories, but at $.99, it's hard to deny her. I also find many hardback books for $3.49 and it's cheaper than paying late fees at the library.

4. Since getting our record player, it has been a kick to play old albums. Goodwill has an interesting collection of old vinyls from Barbra Streisand to Johnny Mathis. Today as I was thumbing through the stacks I could have sworn that my parents donated most of the titles that were there! I saw so many artists of my childhood: Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Hall & Oats, etc. And when I excitedly flashed to cover of Huey Lewis & the News at my husband, he declared that he already had that one. Sure enough, he did which we listened to during lunch. Ah the sounds of my childhood ... priceless!

5. I feel good about donating our used items to Goodwill. A pack rat at heart, I find it very upsetting to have to throw anything away. I find some comfort that someone else might be able to use that pair of barely worn shoes.

I have noticed, however, that no matter what town you are in the store always smells the same - a curious blend of body odor, fabric softener and popcorn. That is why any clothing we buy goes immediately in the wash before wearing!


heather said...

I love thrift stores too! We have found some of our favorite things there. We especially love to get games and puzzles at our local little thrift store.

Zil said...

The foot locker is probably an old army issue. Looks very much like that one I have.