Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fresh Pear Still Life

The image of this trio inspires me to get back into painting. I'm thinking watercolor!

It seems with the change of season I also have a change in taste buds. Now that it is Autumn I start craving things with cinnamon, pumpkin and a hearty texture. These pears are calling to me. Should I make a pear & sour cherry clafoutis? Perhaps a fresh pear pie? Or a coffee cake? The possibilities are endless.

But for now, I just enjoy gazing upon them as they sit ripening on my kitchen table.


Anna said...

You make me wish I could paint!

The pear tableau is stunning.

Zil said...

Paint! Yes, do it!!

PeePaw said...

How about being boring and eating the pears as they were meant to be eaten?