Monday, November 9, 2009

Twilight Schmilight

Good grief! It seems that EVERYWHERE I go there are posters, t-shirts, cardboard cutouts and advertisements for the Twilight Saga! Just on Saturday we drove 70 miles to go to the nearest mall, only to be accosted by images of pale faced vampires in every store.

Now to be honest, I have read the first book, part of the second and have seen the movie Twilight, but really ... I didn't think it all was worthy of all of the fuss. The storyline is admittedly interesting, but the writing is quite juvenile in my opinion. And not to mention whiny. No joke, for four and a half pages the main character drones on and on about feeling numb one minute and then feeling an aching around her broken heart. Blah, blah ... nightmares and screaming ... blah, blah ... excruciating memories ... yack, yack ... the cold rain mixing with fresh tears ... yada, yada, yada. Yeah, a bit of a downer to read and it has left me with nothing to like about the sniveling Bella Swan.

So I have to ask myself, is this series of stories just the latest phenomenon to hit pop culture? Or will the fascination with teenaged vampires and werewolves endure?

I have read blogs where knitters knit a pair of "Bella mittens" and take them on a Northwest tour of Forks and Port Angeles, photographing said mittens in front of the high school where scenes from the movie were filmed. Cardboard cutouts of the characters from the movies keep getting stolen from Nordstrom stores. I have even seen that there is a CW television show about ... what else, teenaged vampires. When will this madness end?

Well, I guess I must think back to the late 80s when New Kids On The Block saturated the airwaves and decorated bedroom walls all over the country. That lasted a good four or five years, right? Sigh.

(Of course, if I were asked if I plan to see the new movie New Moon, I would have to say yes. But only after it came out on DVD! 'Cause I'm not standing in line for a $15 ticket to see this, uh film, but I confess that my interest is mildly piqued. Mildly.)


Journeying Five said...

Not sure why, but the vampire thing doesn't do it at all for me. I have a lot of friends my age who are all over it and I thought maybe I was just a little odd to not give in. Good to know that I might not be the only one.

Zil said...

Sheesh, Bath & Body Works has a new fragrance called Twilight Woods. Interesting marketing idea.

Lindsay said...

You mean you're not going to Forks with your cardboard cutout and mittens???? Really???

To be fair to that vampire series on CW, it was written 15 years ago and was probably the inspiration for Twilight.... I just hope my daughter's name doesn't get popular due to the show.