Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet November

This is how our lazy cat spends a dark and rainy November afternoon.

November is definitely here. Just overnight the vibrant colors of October have dulled, the sky has turned gray, and the temperatures have dropped. Threats of snow lingers in the air as does the cravings for hearty meals. I personally enjoy November as it is an easy transition from fall leaves to Christmas trees.

I confess that I have already bought a carton of eggnog. My husband is so firm on not breaking out the Christmas music or movies until Thanksgiving. I try my best to abide by his "rule" but I could not keep myself from enjoying a little festive 'nog. Besides, I have been very good at resisting the urge to pop that famous Bing Crosby record into the old player!

November makes me want to snuggle up with a good book. I have quite a hankerin' to make some apple pie. And it's a great time to plan out my future knitting projects and visit the yarn store. It's a great time especially since I have completed my Tangled Yoke Cardigan! My goal was to get it finished by Thanksgiving, and I met that goal with 2 1/2 weeks to spare. Therefore I call it "November" and it is instantly a favorite staple in my wardrobe. Here is a sneak peak at it as I have yet to get some glamor shots taken of it - I'll have all the details when I post those later.

The grosgrain ribbon and leather buttons add a pop of color and sophistication to this stormy hued sweater.

The "Tangled Yoke" is so pretty - an unexpected detail to such a basic cardigan.


Zil said...

You are a knitting master! Very lovely sweater - I can't imagine how you did that tangled yoke or buttonholes!

Dawnelle said...

just popped over from anna's blog- that sweater is AMAZING.

Kelly said...

Well, thank you so much! Patience was the key to finishing it.

Dawnelle, thanks for popping over to read my blog, I love it when people visit!

Anna said...

Kelly! Incredible! I am speechless.

Beautifully, beautifully done!