Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Girl

So, does 34 mean I am now in my mid-30s? I don't feel very old, but it would seem I am a year older than I was yesterday.

I had a very lovely birthday and enjoyed spending it with my husband and two little ones. A day trip out of town was just what I needed, as were the pretty flowers, the delicious food and thoughtful gifts. Ahh ... a girl could get used to this!


Jodiferkay said...

Happy (belated) birthday Kelly! Glad you had a nice day. Mid-30' worries you're still a young 'un! I'm going to be just OVER the mid-30's hump on my next birthday...yikes!

Anna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday.

And middle-aged or not, aren't you loving the 30's? I think it's an excellent decade ... and you wear it very well!

Kelly said...

Thank you, Ladies! Being in my 30s doesn't bother me and it is nice to be out of the uncertainty of the 20s. Still I'm having a hard time with "34" for some reason. Weird.