Friday, January 1, 2010

Puff ... Revisited

Cleaning out closets and reorganizing cupboards is an annual tradition in our household. It seems that over the year it is all too easy to shove clutter into the closet under the stairs and forget about it for 12 months. And this year was no exception.

The other day my husband and I were busy sorting throw piles of scarves, hats and gloves; organizing the wrapping paper bins; and deciding what coats have been outgrown. While digging deep in the closet my husband pulled out his old guitar and began to tune it. We hadn't seen that thing for a while and it sparked some nostalgia in both of us.

The real excitement came when he began to play it for the kids. My daughter jumped up and down and begged for him to teach her how to play. My son's head bobbed to the beat as he giggled. Suddenly our home was filled with new found joy and music!

Yesterday I was drinking my morning tea when I heard the sound of strumming and the beat of a metronome coming from the family room. It was my daughter! There she sat strumming a guitar that was three sizes too big for her as her daddy patiently instructed how to properly hold a pick. My son lingered nearby, enjoying his sister's efforts.

My daughter carefully strums away - we just might have another guitar player in the family.

It has now become a bedtime tradition to have a song before going to sleep. Last night I put in a request for
Puff the Magic Dragon as I so cherish the memories of my own dad playing that on his guitar for me as a child. My husband played while I sang, and the kids laid back and enjoyed the show. What a great way to start the new year!

Happy New Year everyone and have a very blessed 2010!


PeePaw said...

Yes, but can he play "Where have all the Flowers Gone"? I'll bet your Father can ... I should know!

Anna said...

How fun!

Pops has been teaching himself how to play the guitar in these last few months, and it is a treat for all of us.

He isn't quite to the "taking requests" stage yet, but well on his way.

Such a beautiful and practical instrument.