Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Leftover Solution

Recently, I came across some old Barbie clothes that my husband's Grandma Florence had knit decades ago. My mother-in-law gave them to me to keep for my daughter and I had forgotten all about them as they were stashed away in a drawer.

Suddenly, I realized what I could do with all of the leftover yarn I have!
I have odds and ends of yarns in varying weights and colors and have often wondered what to do with it all. So why not use it to whip up a little Barbie shift dress or tank top in between projects? My daughter will definitely appreciate it and who knows, maybe it will be passed down to my grandchildren some day.

While I probably wouldn't choose to wear handknit pink capris, I would absolutely don the ski sweater with its charming buttons or the golden tank dress. Who would have thought that in the 1970s Grandma was so fashion forward?


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh, they are darling! I love the detail. I think I would be tempted to shadowbox the outfits, but adding to the wardrobe is certainly a good idea too.

Kelly said...

Shadowboxing these is a great idea! I'm afraid to allow my daughter to play with these because, well, she's five. She can play with anything I knit, but Grandma Florence's are showpieces for sure.

heather said...

I have several outfits that my grandma knit and sewed for my Cabbage
Patch dolls. I love them and look forward to passing them on to my little girl when she is a little older. A shadowbox is a great idea for showing off the outfits that may be too special to put into little hands.

Anna said...

Those are simply brilliant! Really. I don't think I could love them more.