Friday, January 8, 2010


It's raining today. It seems unseasonably warm for where I live and I welcome it. I love the rain, it is cleansing and soothing ... and inspires my son to take longer naps! It washes away remnants of the snow, and surprisingly lifts my spirits.

I have been determined to stay on a path to finding peace and relaxation as I have been drinking water like crazy. At first all I noticed was that I had to make several runs to the ladies' room (if you know what I mean), but now I find that it fills me up so I don't snack so much. I've also been paying close attention to my breathing; here's a great technique by Dr. Andrew Weil that works great and calms me down:

(roll your tongue against the roof of your mouth and keep it there for the duration of the exercise)
breathe in through your nose for four counts
hold the breath for seven counts
and release the breath out your mouth for eight counts

Ooh, I must go refill my wine glass with some lemon/berry water now ...

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Journeying Five said...

love the picture, camera play is always soothing! sounds like your relaxation is going great.