Monday, January 11, 2010

The Moment

Have you ever had that moment when trying on an article of clothing that makes you want to scream "YEESSS!" out loud? And maybe even do a little dance? I had that experience today.

Since it was recently my birthday I decided to have pity on my poor husband and pick something out from him (yes, I see the totally selfish undertones of this plan
). I had been longing to find something to go with my French Connection sweater that I bought last year for my birthday. I haven't worn that sweater much since the ruffled shoulders feel a bit overwhelming and I didn't have the right thing to go with it. Anyway, I chose a simple cotton top also from French Connection that just screams "Kelly". Even my husband thought so when I showed him the photo. I waited thirteen long days for it to ship from New York. I frequently checked UPS to see what the status was on its journey. Today it finally arrived!

The pleated neckline is what I love the most. That and it isn't too tight on the areas I want to hide but I still have shape.

These ruffles used to make me feel like I had two large birds sitting on my shoulders. Having the perfect blouse to go with it makes me embrace their grandeur.

Here I am quietly reflecting on how great my outfit looks. Don't I look serene? Like I never once felt self-conscious of the huge matador sleeves. (Well, really a model I am not and can't seem to come up with any imaginative poses.)

I was instantly in love as I pulled it out of the box. Then ... I had that moment of pure satisfaction as I tried it on. Perfection! What made it even better is that it goes great with my ruffly sweater (I now have the confidence to wear it) and it was on SALE!

Ah, happy birthday to me indeed.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a beautiful, classy ensemble! You have a good I for putting two separate items together, they look like they were made for each other. Lovely, serene photos, too.

Anna said...

Oh, perfection!