Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lake's Edge Phenomenon

In the last year or so since learning how to knit I have made: four scarves, two pairs of socks, two sweater vests, one pair of booties, a throw and one rather challenging sweater. I decided it was time to try my hand at mittens (pun intended)!

Aside from wanting the experience, the other motivation was to use up some stash yarn I had laying about. I wanted something warm for the winter months but that would be soft too. After looking at several patterns on Ravelry, I decided on some long mittens with a cabled pattern and a thick, padded palm.

Now, I do feel like a bit of a hypocrite because technically these mittens are just like ones that were worn in one of the Twilight movies. You may recall that I posted about how I have grown tired over all the hype with that series. But in my defense, the pattern was free, it used up a lot of yarn, and the design is utterly adorable!

Raveled here

Pattern: Phenomenon by Carine Ancel

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sandy Heather; unknown homespun/hand-dyed yarn in woodland colors bought at Goodwill.

Time Elapsed: a smidge over two weeks.

Modifications/Notes: I followed the pattern exactly as written but added a single crocheted band to the cuff in pretty woodland colors.

I have enjoyed wearing these mitts when I take my daughter to the bus stop in the morning. My only complaints are that their bulkiness make it very difficult to zip things up and it is a great challenge to photograph them creatively. Chunky mittens don't make very good models!

As I artfully demonstrate here, my "Lake's Edge" Phenomenon mittens are very soft and warm.


Anna said...

Love that top shot. So ethereal!

And Kelly. Really. Do you do modeling on the side? The photos with you in them are always so stunning!

Zil said...

Just looking at them makes my hands feel warm!

PeePaw said...

Are they as warm as they look?

Kelly said...

They are pretty toasty! I could never wear them inside.

Anna, thanks for the compliment. Actually I rarely like photos with me in them so when a good one comes along I will use it. This particular shot was the one good one out of about 50! I used a tripod, the timer on the camera, and rejected a lot of shots before I got this one.