Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One "Cool" Kid

My son chose his outfit today. A red Lightning McQueen t-shirt, gray fleece lined McQueen sweatshirt, dark gray cargo pants, McQueen tennis shoes and of course a McQueen baseball cap to top it all off. When he checked himself out in the mirror I heard a loud "Cool!" coming from the bedroom.

Do you think he might be a little obsessed?


Zil said...

He's getting so big; not a baby anymore!

Kelly said...

Nope, definitely not a baby anymore. And if you ask him if he is he will furrow his brow and say "No, no baby!"

PeePaw said...

Like PeePaw like J! I used to be obsessed (OK, I still am) with cars as well. My favorite was my milk truck. That is a story for another day.