Monday, January 18, 2010

Kiddie Couture

It started out as a project for me - I had this overwhelming desire to make myself a simple little top. Then my daughter begged me to do a project with her so I decided to make a simple little top for her as well. I had in my mind that we would have coordinating fabrics that would go well together. Perhaps we would have a little photo shoot showing off our matching outfits. Then my daughter enthusiastically chose her fabric.

You can't get any more "Under the Sea" than this.

It had bubbles and sherbet colored sea animals. Her exclamations of "This is perfect" and "It will be gorgeous" deterred me from insisting on something a little less ... colorful. And really, it is totally
her style: bright, cheerful and bubbly.

So, while I chose something more understated and elegant, I happily stitched away at her summery top. And judging by her prancing around in it with her mermaid doll in hand, I would say that she is quite pleased with her choice!


Zil said...

Very cute! You like seahorses - let's see your mommy version!

Anna said...

Hurrah! It's adorable. And makes me think that summer just may indeed come again!

PeePaw said...

My beautiful Grandaughter

Lindsay said...

Kelly, it's beautiful! (so is she) Nice work, momma! :)

Kelly said...

Thank you! It was a fun project especially since she knew what she liked. My top, however, is absent of seahorses - as fabulous as they are!