Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There Were No Clear Winners

I watched the Golden Globes on Sunday night. I don't watch necessarily to see who will win best director and best drama because rarely do I actually see the movies that are nominated, but I LOVE fashion! I am eager to see what lovely things the ladies are wearing on the red carpet (and yes dream about what I would wear in their situation).

I can sadly say that I wouldn't want to wear most of the dresses this year. What a disappointment to say the least. To me it looks like all of the designers thought it would be fun to stick various ruffles, Brillo pads and wings onto the gowns. Perhaps they were confused and thought that massive amounts of frills and glitter were in. I say ick!

Let's start with the beautiful Kate Hudson. I hate everything about this ensemble except for the bracelet: The clunky shoes are hideous; the dress - though a great color for her skin - is too structured, like she is wearing a calla lily and tissue is falling out of her bust; and I don't like the tassel earrings.

Drew Barrymore's hair looks nice and her makeup is stunning ... but the sea urchins sticking out off her hip and shoulder are quite unfortunate. This dress would have been so beautiful without those things. They actually sort of remind me of vintage flocked Christmas tree decorations. So sad.

Poor Tina Fey. She didn't win for her role as Liz Lemon in 30 Rock (although she really should have) and she REALLY didn't win best dressed this year at the Globes! I actually gasped when I saw her shoes with the over-sized bows and the busyness of her dress coupled with the tea party skirt was just so wrong. I know you are a funny woman, Tina, but this look gets no laughs from me.

Noooooo! Oh, Nicole ... this is ... this just ... you know in the movie Cinderella when the mice make a dress out of thrown out sashes and beads? Well, it looks like they made one for Ms. Kidman as well. Let's just stick a bunch of random bows all over the place and call it Haute Couture! Sigh. Well, the color is pretty at least.

There are so many looks I disliked that I can't show them all. And I won't show Mariah Carey because I would have to do some serious editing on the "golden globes" she had hanging out of her dress, if you know what I mean! But there were some looks that were alright.

I'm not really a fan of Penelope Cruz but I am a fan of this dress. She's confident, her hair is lovely and she isn't over-styled.

Of course I adore the red. This dress on Cameron Diaz is simple, shows off her height and is nicely symmetrical (which defies this year's trend). The only thing I that I don't like the dark and chunky shoes which I will forgive her for as she didn't offend me with her ensemble.

Though frilly and asymmetrical, I still found this dress quite inspiring. The ruffles are less pronounced and close fitting while the color is a girly shade of pink. The jewelry is just right and she looks radiant. Her hairstyle isn't as elegant as I would prefer, but since it was raining that night I will cut Emily Blunt some slack.

I realize that these gowns cost thousands of dollars each. Many of them are considered to be high art. I respect the amount of planning and design that went into each dress, and I appreciate the colors for the season (black, red, pearly pink and white). However ... most of them were just too weird for me and I truly hope that the Oscars don't disappoint.


Zil said...

Drew Barrymore looks like she has a tumor growing on her hip. Maybe grotesque deformities will be the next big thing. Kate H looks like she has one of those spring-type hampers as under structure.

Lindsay said...

I actually like NK's dress on her because it fits her so well. I like PC's dress as well, but it kind of makes her look like a character out of Gone w/the Wind at a funeral.

Haha....I'm not a fashion lover like you, but it was fun to see your run down! There are some scary dresses out there.

Anna said...

That last dress is divine!