Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winding to Unwind

It's been an ...
interesting few days with all the snow, a Fibromyalgic flare-up, my husband's birthday and battling my daughter's Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). The days have been full of decontaminating all surfaces with Clorox wipes, preparing homemade chicken noodle soup, doctor visits, celebratory dinners and a bad case of insomnia. Through it all I am so grateful for brief opportunities to clack away with my knitting needles!

Sadly, I announce that our LYS (local yarn store) will be closing in March. Gleefully, I announce that I bought three high-end knitting needles and six skeins of yarn all for 50% off at their liquidation sale. So, I have been busy knitting my first hat, a simple fair isle hat with ear flaps, for my brother-in-law. Learning something new and taking a moment for myself has helped me through this somewhat trying week. Who would have guessed that winding yarn would be the perfect way to unwind my nerves?!


Anna said...

What a delicious wintery image!

(Yea on the liquidation sale and hope you're feeling better soon!)

Lindsay said...

Stock up!

I heart your pic of yarn. :)