Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And The Winner Is ...

My husband joked around on Sunday, saying that he was an "Oscars widower". It was kind of true as I settled down for an evening of glitz, glamour, awards and knitting. Truthfully I don't care that much about who wins Best Director or Best Sound Mixing, and I am grateful for a DVR so that I can skip through all of the acceptance speeches. I want to see the fashion!

The Good: looks that I loved

Can I just say ... STUNNING! Sandra Bullock was hands down THE winner of the night when she accepted her Best Actress award wearing this amazing dress. It's like she thought about what she would look like if she received a statue and was perfection from head to toe. Some criticized the shade of lipstick she wore but I think it was an accessory and completed the look.

Wowee! I think this is the first time that I saw Cameron Diaz looking like a timeless woman at the Oscars. Her hair was so pretty and I am drawn in by the two-tone crystals on her gown.

The Bad: looks that I really didn't love

Oh my. Oh dear. Okay, I understand that this dress was probably Haute Couture, an art piece. But the only good things about it that I can say is that the color looked good on Charlize Theron, as did the silhouette. I don't think I even need to address the two cinnamon buns she is wearing on her chest.

Hmmm ... where do I start? Well, I actually like the color combination and sort of appreciate the design of the front of the dress minus the weird strap across the neck. Other than that the look is all wrong. What is up with that hair Sarah Jessica Parker? Blech!

I have mixed feelings about putting this dress in "The Bad" category. It's actually not that bad, but to me it looks like a bridesmaid dress. From the waist up Kate Winslet is gorgeous and that necklace is to die for. But the skirt is just ugly with the greige colored satin and dated pleating. Pretty hair though.

The "Meh": looks that left me feeling indifferent

The skirt of this dress is so dreamy. It makes me think of a Disney princess. I wasn't too excited about the stiff bodice, the weird bracelet and the color on Amanda Seyfried; but other than that it was a pretty look.

I like this dress. The silhouette and the color are nice. But like the person wearing it, it is a little on the boring side. I guess I think of Kristen Stewart as more tomboyish, so she seems out of place in the high fashion gown. I think more jewelry would have greatly perked up this ensemble.

From the waist down this look excited me - what a gorgeous skirt! From the waist up I think the bustier didn't fit Miley Cyrus and her hair looked matronly. A darker lip would have been nice too.

Over all, I thought the gowns on the Red Carpet were lovely this year. I don't feel as let down as I did in 2009 and even if I didn't see any of the nominated Best Picture movies (except for Disney's Up). It was a great night at the Oscars!


heather said...

After I looked at the dresses on Sunday, I was hoping you would do this post!

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, you knew it was going to happen! If I can't wear the fabulous dresses, at least I can comment on them :)