Thursday, March 11, 2010

Involunarily Moved

I wasn't going to go. Waking up as if I had been run over by a semi truck, I was thinking that I wasn't going to make it to my Bible Study this morning. Yet ... miraculously I got ready in time with my son in the car, so I took that as a sign that I needed to be there. Before leaving the house I threw my Bible and study books into a white recyclable grocery bag from Trader Joe's, my favorite one because it's so big and brand new.

I usually don't bother with a bag to carry my things in, but today I did for some reason. Well, I now know that reason. Simply put, the Lord moved me to do so.

At Bible Study we had a guest speaker, Arlene Tatum of International Reconciliation Ministries, tell us about her ministry in Rwanda. She told us the oppression and genocide that has taken place there and how she has been able to minister through tangible gifts such as scarves and ties. The people of that country are poor, but a simple gift shows them God's compassion and builds relationships. The speaker also told us that the Rwandan women love to use the recyclable woven grocery bags (plastic bags are not permitted) to carry their belongings in. Now, I didn't know to bring a scarf or tie ... but I did have that Trader Joe's bag! I happily gave it to Arlene to take to Rwanda with her in May.

It wasn't a big sacrifice on my part, even though it was my favorite grocery bag. But still I felt like somehow I was helping. And I am still marveling at how when God wants something done, he'll make it happen.


Kylie said...

That's an awesome story! So neat to see God work in the small details of seemingly everyday life.

Lindsay said...

It's a reminder to all of us that anything you can do is something. I love it, Kelly.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Thank you for sharing this, isn't it beautiful how God works and moves His people for His glory even in the smallest, seemingly insignificant ways?!

Kelly said...

I was happy to tell this kind of story! Thank you all for reading it :) God is so good.