Monday, April 19, 2010

A Budding Entrepreneur

When my daughter has her mind set on something, she is quite persistent until her goal is reached. Saturday morning I found her busily "making kites" out of computer paper and kitchen twine. Her plan was to sell the kites to save up for a Zhu Zhu Pet that she has been talking about for months.

Hmm, how do I explain to her that not many people drive up a down our street and probably wouldn't see her kites for sale (let alone the fact that the "kites" are tiny and not functional as kites)? She looked up at me with such enthusiasm and determination, I didn't have the heart to tell her. So, her daddy had her set up the cooler on the driveway and make a sign "Kites 4 Sale 25¢".

Well, like I thought, not a single person drove by to buy a kite; but seeing my two little ones "manning the booth" was so darling. And fortunately our neighbors bought a kite and gave a 25
¢ tip. Along with the kite sale, my daughter raked leaves and washed windows, bringing her total to a whopping $2.50! Her daddy and I agreed that her drive and dedication was impressive, so we put in $5.00 toward her precious Zhu Zhu Pet, and with money saved in her piggy bank she was able to buy one that day.

Who wouldn't want to buy a kite from these charming little cherubs?

She LOVES the battery operated hamster to pieces, and I have just been informed that we are now a family of FIVE since Nugget came to live with us.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

My boys would've bought a kite... they're enamored with them, even the non-functional ones!

Enjoy the new family member.

Anna said...

I might have gone broke on kites if I saw those two!!

Kylie said...

Got to love her persistance and ingenuity! And yes, we would have bought a kite... have never seen a kite stand before :)!

PeePaw said...

Wrongi in the background ... E looks like such a sweetheart ... J looks like "Yuck, I don't want to be here!" She should sell them on Ebay ... I would by a few dozen!