Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Covet ... Unless It's Chanel

It's time to talk fashion! Oh how I love the way I feel in a well put together outfit. Admittedly, my everyday attire consists of jeans, boots and a sweater of some sort considering my full-time mom position. But that doesn't stop me from donning the occasional skirt and pair of heels to church.

I have been doing a little online shopping in anticipation of a couple of weddings I will be attending next year (I know, it seems a little early to be looking but, seriously, I don't have much else going on). The first wedding will be in the Scottsdale, Arizona area and I don't feel that I can just show up in my Sunday best. I've been looking at Bluefly.com and perusing the designer labels for inspiration. Then I found this:

Isn't this Yoana Baraschi
dress gorgeous!? It totally looks like something I would wear: it's black with contrasting details and looks very elegant for an outdoor wedding. I'd be able to chase after my little ones without having to hike up the top or pull down the hem. Perfect. Well, except that there is only one size left, a 4, which I doubt I could zip up. So, the search continues ...

I don't know what inspired me to look on the EspritShop.com website but I found this little number, which I am seriously considering:

I adore the multiple patterns and the smokey gray color. I had no idea that Esprit produced such lovely clothes; I mostly remember this label from the '80s. All you girls out there who carried your books to junior high in an E S P R I T bag, can I get an amen!? I had two of them.

And, after trying on a few slinky black dresses at a local boutique, I thought one of them would look great with a simple sequined bolero shrug. My online retail therapy brought me to this:
Ah Chanel ... you are so pretty! You sparkle with such grace ... such elegance. But your pricey price tag is a bit out of reach for me. So, I will just admire (and maybe covet a little) and be on the lookout for something of similar beauty.

Who knows, the way my search is going maybe the United Colors of Benetton will have just the thing ...

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