Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goth or Glam? Blonde or Brunette?

Who is this glamorous redhead, you ask? Why, it's me! Don't worry, I haven't done anything drastic with my look; I've just been playing around with the InStyle Virtual Makeover and they have improved it since the last time I used it.

It is so much fun to try on not only different hairstyles, but different makeup too! In fact, I discovered that I look good in green eyeshadow, it brings out the green in my hazel eyes. I have been able to see what I would look like with blue eyes (it's actually kind of creepy looking on me) and I also realized that jet black hair is NOT the shade for me:


And much to my surprise, I kind of like the way I look in certain shades of blonde. I never thought that I could pull off blonde, and while I will never go plantinum, I do sort of like this Jennifer Aniston look:

But, ultimately I am a brunette and proud of it. I do need to change something up about my look. Perhaps I will do some caramel highlights for the Spring/Summer seasons. And since I am growing my hair out, there is the looming question: bangs or no bangs?

Maybe Ms. Bullock's 'do is the answer.

There is a lot more to play around with on the makeover tool. I recommend it to anyone who wants a change ... or who has a lot of free time.

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