Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Swing

Hooray! The sun is out, the windows are open and letting in a slight breeze, and my daughter is practicing her cheer leading moves out on the back lawn. Her cheers are only made cheerier by her new "Spring Swing" skirt.

The first skirt I've ever knit, this adorable thing wasn't difficult, just labor intensive. The formula pattern is written in such a way that the knitter determines the measurements based on simple math involving gauge, yarn weight and desired length.

Raveled here

Pattern: Hey Mickey by Jacquelyn Landry

Yarn: TLC Essentials Solid in Robin's Egg and Light Celery

Time Elapsed: roughly three weeks.

Modifications/Notes: This was an easy pattern. Anyone who can knit and purl can do this, but BEWARE: if you use more than one color you will spend extensive time weaving in the ends! I had to weave in four ends for every pleat!! This skirt came out a little shorter than I anticipated, but since she will wear leggings with it I'm not too concerned.

My daughter chose the yarn she wanted for the skirt. It was darling to see her roam the yarn section at Jo-Ann Fabrics in search of the perfect combination. Deciding that she "didn't want pink" she selected this gorgeous robin's egg blue and light green. And even though it was the cheapest yarn ever and it felt like I was knitting with carpet fibers, I never got tired of the lovely colors.


Lindsay said...

Oh, I love it! What great taste she has too. She looks beautiful in the colors she chose. Makes me excited to knit more!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

It's beautiful, so fresh and playful! Your daughter definitely has an eye for color.

heather said...


Zil said...

What a cute skirt, and what a cute model!

Kylie said...

Very cute! Great job.

Kelly said...

Thank you all! In this case, my girl was the muse AND the designer.

Anna said...

A-dorable! So utterly precious.

And. Love the new layout. Did you take the header photo? Love it.

Kelly said...

Anna, yes I did take the header photo! I then worked a little graphic designer magic and ... voila!