Friday, April 30, 2010

Weaving A Web

I'm doing something a little crazy with my latest project, a gathered pullover.  The pattern calls for DK or sport weight yarn, creating a tight knit.  I, however, chose a fingerling weight mohair/silk blend to create a light and airy garment.  A woman at a yarn shop that I was in once cautioned me NOT to do it, saying that the yarn was not made for this type of sweater.  Well, I'm a third of the way finished with the body and so far it's going just swimmingly.  Someday I will wear this sweater into that shop just to show her!
  This stuff is like knitting with a spiderweb.  It is incredibly strong, it almost sticks to itself, and is as light as a whisper.

I am no expert in the making of luxury yarns, but it is my guess that the silk content in Rowan Kidsilk Haze is what gives it its strength and the mohair provides the softness.  It is instantly my new favorite yarn as I'm sure the sweater will be my new favorite too.


Anna said...

Oh, the satisfaction! (And gorgeous.)

ps-love the new large pic size.

Kelly said...

Thanks Anna. I love the new photo size too, I didn't have this option while using FTP. I have discovered all sorts of things with my new blogspot!