Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Great Soda Debate

Ah, soda - commonly called "pop" around these parts - is so fizzy, so sweet, so fun to drink!  I admit that I like a good soda once in awhile.  To me it is special treat or occasional indulgence, and for some reason I find that a Coke is just the cure for an upset stomach.

I just saw this interesting article about the fight over whether to place a national tax on soda.  I for one, support the tax.  I don't necessarily WANT to pay more when purchasing soda drinks but it is my hope that similar to the tax on cigarettes, it would make an unhealthy habit too expensive to maintain.

A can of soda doesn't hold the same excitement for me as it used to.  Perhaps my tastes have changed or my I am more gastronomically sensitive.  Nowdays if I crave something fizzy I reach for some Pellegrino or Perrier.  And if I'm feeling especially decadent, I'll plop two maraschino cherries in a glass of sparkling water and pour in a little of the juice for a hint of sweetness.   

Sometimes if I'm entertaining or a see a good deal on some soda I'll spring for a pack, or (on very rare occasions) I will share a little bit with my kids while eating popcorn and watching a movie.  But ultimately, if making shoppers pay more for these sugary drinks can in any way reduce America's consumption, I say tax away!

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Anna said...

I loooove Pellegrino and I may just adore it more once I try your cherry trick!

How chic of you!