Friday, June 18, 2010

My Hero

It's a small thing really.  And it may seem insignificant, but I was preparing to mourn the loss of my favorite nail polish.  Have you ever found that one shade that is so perfect, so flattering that the thought of losing it was truly sad?  I have.  My shade is "Fiji Weejee Fawn" by OPI.  It is a pearly nude shade that is slightly pinker than my skin tone and is my go-to color when I need a quick and uncomplicated coat for my toes.  It's very beachy.

Yesterday I was going through my various bottles of polish and remembered that I could not open the lid of my precious "Fiji".  It appeared that the lid had been lacquered shut by the bottle's contents.  My husband once had even tried to open  it, using rubber gloves and some sort of power tool and was unsuccessful.  So, I grimly prepared to throw it away, muttering something about having to toss my almost full bottle of favorite polish.  Not liking the thought of that, my husband took the bottle from my hands, stuck it in a sandwich bag and tossed it into some water I was boiling for pasta.  After a few minutes he removed the bag, twisted the lid on the bottle and ... off it came!  

I can now use my polish and no longer have to lament the tragedy of tossing it.  I now can enjoy this color for many nail paintings to come.  And I now know what to do when a lid gets stuck.  What can I say, my husband is my hero.


heather said...

Very clever! Glad you can enjoy this beautiful color longer.

Anna said...

I just bought an Essie brand shade that's almost the same. Love, love!