Friday, September 3, 2010

A Special Day

Today is a special day.  My husband and I celebrate eleven years of marriage!  When I said "Happy Anniversary" to my husband this morning, I could see the look of panic and shock in his face as I'm sure he had momentarily forgotten.  To be fair, we are usually on a Labor Day weekend camping trip with extended family, and usually have to push our celebration back a bit.  Well, this year the camping trip isn't happening, but we still feel a little out of sorts.  All is well though, since we are planning a weekend getaway in the coming months.

Today I am remembering our rather surprising exit from our wedding.  The groomsmen and friends thought we would be driving away in my husband's (not very sexy or impressive) Ford Taurus station wagon.  So they "borrowed" the keys so that they could decorate it with embarrassing things and toilet paper.  As it was time to leave, my husband was having trouble finding the keys.  He fumbled around and I played along, semi whining about our hindered exit.  Then ... there was a rev of an engine and some headlights flicked on and suddenly a friend of ours squealed up in his red 1960s Corvette!  We jumped into the convertible and sped away, waving to the stunned crowd.  It was AWESOME!  The decorators of the station wagon, however, were none too pleased with our switch.  Heh, heh.  

We didn't exactly ride off into the sunset, instead we drove off into the night and that began our eleven year adventure together.


PeePaw said...

Happy 11th Anniversary! Has it really been that long?

Anna said...

Okay. I'm not normally a car person ... but this one is truly marvelous.