Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drowning My Tears

This morning started off bright and early.  It is the first day of school!  With my daughter going into first grade, she has expressed her independence in many ways.  When I told her that I would take her to school, she looked at me with an inquisitive expression and said, "Why?  I know how to take the bus."  I mentioned that I would like to take her to her classroom and she said that she knew where her room was and how to get there all by herself.  {sobs begin here}

She knew exactly how she wanted to wear her hair (with a swoop in the front, and a headband to hold it in place).  She chose her outfit well in advance and looked forward to wearing her new shoes.  She didn't want to wear her glasses because she felt she didn't "look as pretty" with them on, but Mom overruled.  After the first day photos, I drove her to school where she insisted that I drop her off in front of the playground where she confidently joined her class ... and never looked back.  {sobs getting LOUDER here}

And she will ride the bus home, where I was told that I don't need to wait for her at the bus stop, because she is a first-grader now.  {sobs are uncontrollable now}

So, my son and I went to Peet's coffee and I drowned my tears in a cappuccino and some lemon cake.  Still, I have had a constant well of emotion in my eyes all day.  So now, I am off to go sob some more until my baby gets home this afternoon.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

She is beautiful and adorable at the same time. I love her spunk and her sense of style! Here's hoping her first day of first grade was grand and that your day was bearable. It gets a bit easier... just a bit.

PeePaw said...

My granddaughter is beautiful! Are you sure she is old enough to be in the first grade? There is something wrong with the calendar or the space time continuum.

Anna said...

Oh, tug at my heart!

Such sweet misery to watch them grow and flower. How can it be so wonderful and so hard all at once?