Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Window Shopping

What can I say?  Living in a town where a good shopping experience is scarce, I must "window shop" online sites for retail therapy.  Today, I'm focusing on Mod Cloth.  So many cute things, not enough fundage for it all.

 The bow.  The two-tone red.  The vintage look ... yes I'll take a pair of these thank you very much!

I think I could wear this skirt with just about anything.  Some might think gray is a dull or lifeless color, but my eye goes right for the things that are simple, elegant, and a good staple to my wardrobe.

This "Meyer Lemon Dress" was named perfectly.  It is sweet, citrusy, and fresh!

LOVE!  No explaination necessary.

What styles are you into this Fall?


Anna said...

Loooooove that Meyer Lemon dress!

Want to each get one and be twins for Halloween?? :)

Kelly said...

I would love to be twins for Halloween! Do you think we could pull it off? Will people tell us apart? We might need to get matching shoes too, to complete the look :)