Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Classic Treat ... With Crunchy Sprinkles!

It was just last month that I sung praises over the Halloween Oreos.  Well as Christmas is fast approaching, I was inspired to "try" some of the new Candy Cane Oreos (creme with crunchy sprinkles).  And by "try" I mean I ate six of them this afternoon!  They are delicious!

Seeing bags of these on display caused me to let out an audible shriek!  Really, what could be better than tiny bits of candy cane sprinkled into the creamy center?

I noticed that the chocolate cookie part is crispier than the regular Oreos.  I liked that extra crunch, and the flavor of the chocolate is complimented nicely by the minty creme.  I dare say these are even better than the regular Mint Oreos that are available all year.

I haven't yet tried these with milk.  I'm almost afraid that the milk will ruin the texture and flavor.  They were just dandy straight out of the bag.  And while I am not fully in the Christmas mood, these are the perfect way to gradually usher in some yuletide cheer.


Anna said...

Trader Joe's has a brand of these that I adore. You're right ... that little bit of crunched up candy cane is taaa-sty!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

You've convinced me... good thing I'm going to Kroger in the morning.