Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sale Pending

I am thrilled to announce that our home is now "sale pending"!  We have some buyers for the house and the inspections are done.  Now we wait for all of the paper work to be finished and in the meantime we are busy making arrangements to find a rental house in our new town, making appointments for house cleaning, and giving the moving company an official moving date.

My feelings about the whole process surprise me.  We have a wonderful house, and yet I am quite eager to move.  We have lived here for the last 4.5 years and are its first residents.  We chose the floor plan, the cabinets, the upgrades and even the lot that it sits on.  It is the only house my son has ever known, and I have watched my children thrive here; perhaps that's why I've expected to be be more broken up about leaving it, but I am honestly very ready to begin our new adventure.  It is strange that I have no idea what house we will live in next, however I am looking forward to getting settled.

Trying to find a nice rental could be quite tricky.  We need one that is in a kid-friendly neighborhood and in the school boundaries that we want.  It will need to be a house that we can feel comfortable in for an indefinite amount of time, while we are looking for a home to buy.  It needs to allow pets (one small dog and a lazy cat), and a garage is a must.  I suspect that it will not have all of the comforts that we are used to, but the fact that our new town has a mall makes up for it!

It would be great if our new place has a few comforts of home:

 Oh, how I will miss my jetted tub!  It has served me well and comforted my sore achy muscles excellently.  Still, any bathtub will do, but jets are a bonus!

A park like backyard would be wonderful.  A place for the kids to play and for family dinners out on the back patio.

Vaulted ceilings would be fabulous, but as long as there is room for our sectional, we'll be in good shape!

It would be a miracle to rent a house with such a nice kitchen!  I picked these shaker-style maple cabinets myself, and will miss their clean modern look. 

We worked pretty hard on this powder room.  Painting the stripes and custom staining the crown molding was time intensive.  I like to think that the features of this room helped to sell the house {triumphant grin}.  And I'm choosing not the wonder if the new owners will paint over it {forlorn frown}.

Yes, I will miss this place, but our prayers have been answered in so many ways!  Our house was on the market for only 50 days and it looks like we will be moved before Christmas.  And the fact that I am not mourning the sale of our home is a very big praise!  God is Good!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh yes, God is good... all the time... even if your house had sat on the market for 500 days. But, I'm so thrilled that it sold quickly!

You have a beautiful home that I know you've enjoyed, but what a blessing to not be too emotionally tied to it, afterall our true home isn't on this earth!

We chose those exact maple shaker style cabinets for our first house! I still love them.

Kelly said...

You're absolutely right, Christian - God is good all the time! I am just amazed at how everything is falling into place with this situation. It hasn't been without stress and hardships, but it is worth it and I know He has a plan!

Kylie said...

So glad to hear that things are working out so well- that is a huge praise!!

Anna said...

Such heart we pour into our homes. I see yours represented in every photo.

So excited for this next adventure for you all. Keep us posted!