Tuesday, January 4, 2011

35 Things To Do

So ... I turn 35 today.  I've been receiving warm birthday wishes and hopes that I do something "special" on this day.  It's funny because what I wanted more than anything for my birthday is for life to go back to normal.  With listing a house, selling a house, moving a household, hosting Christmas and having many days of togetherness with my family ... I am SO ready for a routine!

Here is a list of 35 things that I've done today that have made this day special:

1.  Wake up early, for the first time in weeks.
2.  Drive my daughter to her first day at her new school.
3.  Tell myself that I don't look like I'm 35, but rather a solid 28!
4.  Try not to scrutinize my wrinkles.
5.  Enjoyed not one, but TWO cups of tea before 9:00 am.
6.  Go to Barnes & Noble and buy myself a birthday present: A Moleskine Wine Journal!
7.  Treat myself to a cappuccino at Starbucks and get free vanilla syrup by mentioning my birthday.
8.  Get lost while trying to find the county animal control building.
9.  Buy a dog license.
10.Get lost a couple more times while trying to figure out my way around "the big city".
11. Thank a few people on Facebook for their birthday wishes.
12. Hound my seemingly non-potty-trainable son to get on the potty.
13. Get in five total minutes of knitting.
14. Reapply my lipstick before heading out to pick up my daughter from school.
15. Sit in line for a good eight minutes in the drop-off/pick-up lane, and remember the good times when my daughter used to take the bus.
16. Fix the Tivo.  Okay, so really I just restarted it but I like to think I "fixed" it.
17. Helped my daughter with her spelling homework.  "No, there is no "e" in the word "always"!"
18. Thanked more Facebook friends for their floods of "happy birthdays" on my wall.
19. Drank a glass of orange juice in the middle of the afternoon, just because I felt like it. 
20. Briefly contemplated making a fabulous dinner of Chicken Marsala and salad, but then got distracted by the phone.
21. Spent countless hours talking to family on the phone.
22. Began this blog post in the late afternoon, convincing myself that it would get finished before going to bed.
23. Made a not so fabulous dinner of pancakes and bacon.  What can I say, it was easy.
24. Along with my husband, looked at cameras online and ended up buying one (it should arrive in two weeks!)
25. Sat in front of my computer frantically trying to finish this blog post so that I could go to bed.  And therefore, decided to end my list at only 25 things.  Because really, it wasn't all that exciting to begin with ... and that's exactly what I wanted on this day: for it to not be too exciting. 

{feet dragging heavily while heading off to bed}


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Happy Birthday! I love simple, ordinary days; yours sounds delightful.

New camera?!?!

heather said...

Sounds like a nice birthday! Glad you are enjoying your new "city."

Anna said...

Happy belated birthday! And yes. A solid 28.