Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Lovely Breakfast

Boy, the French sure know how to do breakfast don't they?

 Almond crème croissant.

Hot chocolate with lots of steamed milk.

Earl Grey tea, served on a silver platter.

This last weekend I had a visit with my mom.  It was a getaway for me, a time to relax and briefly escape all of the chaos in my life.  I returned home refreshed and ready to tackle more moving boxes.  I'm pretty sure the dreamy breakfast at Le Patissier had something to do with my positive new outlook on things.


Jodiferkay said...

I read this post yesterday so where do you think I took my daughter today? I LOVE that place, so tasty...just don't want to know how many calories I consumed! ;)

Kelly said...

It's best not to think about it in terms of calories, and more in terms of the experience! And about how lucky you are that you can just zip across town to get your fix :)

Anna said...

Such heaven!