Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music To My Ears

"I wrote a song Mama ... but it's a short one", my daughter told me one morning last week.  She has been musical ever since she could utter a sound.  Before we moved, her bedroom sat on the second floor and she would sing out her open window, filling the neighborhood with her angelic voice.  Music is in her soul.

Thanks to Craigslist (and some persuasive negotiating skills by my husband), she now has the means to further her musical journey with a newly purchased guitar.  This is a real guitar, not a toy, that fits her little hands. 

The surprised look on her face was priceless as Daddy presented it to her from behind his back. 

Her fingers ran over the instrument as she inspected the strings and bright pink decoration.

Her expression showed delight as she strummed for the first time.

And the guitar lessons promptly began.

This morning my girl told me that she wrote another song - it's about trusting God.  That is literally music to my ears.


Anna said...

My heart just melted to pieces. Praise Him, praise Him.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh Kelly... sigh, what a precious daughter, what a sweet daddy, and what a delightful, meaningful gift. That hot pink guitar suits her perfectly. Enjoy the music of your life!

heather said...

Love this! How cool!