Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things Are Lookin' Shabby ... Chic That Is

New home + new room = new décor.  That's what we told our daughter in order to make our transition sound more appealing.  She is almost seven years old now, and is growing out of the Disney Princess phase.  She is growing up and wants a more grown up look to her bedroom ... and I'm thrilled to provide it.

With some careful thought, we determined that a hint of "Shabby Chic" is just the thing to liven up her room and add a twist of sophistication.  Remembering her fondness for the flower ball she carried in a recent wedding, we opted to fill her room with flowers and nature, starting with the recreation of the bouquet.  So off to the craft store we went for inspiration.

My girl chose a lovely palate of red, pink, white and green; which will be easy to work with.  She immediately gravitated toward all things with sparkle and butterflies.  As a result, I think we came up with a gorgeous display that now hangs from the ceiling in front of her window.

Shimmery white butterflies adorn the arrangement; an addition that she came up with on her own.
 With a little bit of direction from her dear old mom, she carefully placed the fabric flowers around a foam core.  I secured the arrangement with hot glue, but over all this was her project.

  Using crystal and pearl pins from her flower girl bouquet, this flower ball sparkles in the sunlight.

The next step (once we get all of the boxes unpacked and sorted through) will be to get her new bedding and a few decorative items to pull the look together.  So, even though we are saying goodbye to her seemingly endless collection of princesses, her bedroom will still be fit for the little princess that she is.


Zil said...

How pretty and a great inspiration!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

This is beautiful. I love an airy, country-shabby chic, feminine look for a little girl's room. I'll have to remember your floral arrangement for Baby Sister's room in a few years!

heather said...

Very sweet. Can't wait to see pictures of the rest of the room as it comes together.

Kelly said...

Thanks ladies! She loved this project and I did too. I will post photos when we get her room finished ... whenever that will be.

Robin Bird said...

I adore this idea and how beautifully it turned out!

Anna said...

So gorgeous! My girls would loooove this.