Monday, April 4, 2011

New Beginnings

Well hello blog world.  You might have thought that in my absence this last week I was vacationing.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I could use a vacation.  I'm thinking ... an island in the South Pacific is sounding real good right about now.  In reality, I have been working.  Moving to a new town with more opportunities for a graphic designer has spurred me to do some advertising.  Advertising (hopefully) leads to new clients, which means my website was in desperate need of some reworking.

I am skilled when it comes to doing work for other people.  I'm a good listener and can pick up on the needs and wants of my clients.  Designing for myself is another story.  While I can sell a knitting project I've done with no problem, dreaming up a website that represents my brand is a long involved process.  Several cups of coffee, weeks of planning, and too many fast food dinners later I've settled on a site that I'm pleased with.  

There is a section that I have yet to finish, but I'm feeling relief in having a representation of my work on the web and I can focus on other things for a while.  {audible relieved sigh}

So tonight, I shall make grilled lemon chicken with couscous.  Yeah, because tonight I have the time to be fancy!


Anna said...

Beautifully appointed work! Love it.

ps- your dinner sounds so much better than our leftovers!

Kelly said...

Thank you, Anna!

heather said...

Looks great Kelly!

PeePaw said...

Your new website is terrific! If I had a business I know who I would turn to for publicity and web site design!