Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Wonders Of The Sea

Woo hoo, the Pottery Barn April 2011 catalog has arrived!  Truthfully, I don't often buy from Pottery Barn, but I do freely steal their décor ideas.  And I am particularly excited about this edition because of the beachy style it's putting out.  

I have always had a penchant for a breezy seaside look in my home.  I have a growing collection of seashells, and every time I'm at the coast I cannot keep myself from bringing home another starfish.  I have to be careful of how much I display my oceanic treasures because I don't want to over do any one theme, and my husband is surprisingly vocal when it comes to how we decorate our home (for example: he doesn't give a care about what sheets I put on the bed, but he doesn't want a sea grass magazine rack because it looks too "beachy".  Whatever.)

In perusing the catalog, I was pleased to find ideas that I already put into action:

 A sturdy glass hurricane filled with my seashell collection.

A worn Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table with a real vintage Underwood typewriter and woven sea grass candle holder.

A painted black bead board bathroom cabinet with subtle touches of the sea on display.

The look of my home is taking shape.  Comfortable, stylish, kid friendly, and sprinkled with European and seaside touches.  Yup, Kelly is starting to feel right at home.


heather said...

I ♥ the Pottery Barn catalog! And I, too, freely copy their decorating style.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Lovely, and very fresh! We have an Underwood No. 5 and I love it; it adds such character to a room.

I'm happy that you're feeling at home. That's important!

Big Mouth Strikes Again said...

Ok Kelly, It is time for you to move into the the 20th (needless to say the 21st) century. Isn't very difficult to interface an Underwood typewriter to the internet?

PeePaw said...

Big Mouth? Your father sent that post.