Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Back On Track

A sucker for packaging, I just love the paint can style container these steel cut oats come in.

1 everything bagel with cream cheese
3 regular cappuccinos
1 plate of bangers & mash with green peas
1 "like it" size coffee Heath ice cream from Cold Stone
1 almond macaron
1 side french fries
1 small bbq chicken pizza
1 helping blueberry coffee cake
1 helping breakfast soufflĂ© 
1 pancake (topped with Greek yogurt and fresh berries)
2 slices cinnamon roll French toast
4 slices bacon
1 order of artichoke spinach pesto ravioli
TONS of bread
1 rather enormous slice of mocha cheesecake
1/2 marionberry scone
3 micro brew beers
1 mimosa
1 glass red wine

This list of consumed food is shocking isn't it?  Since last Thursday morning, this is what I've had to eat.  In my defense, I had family visiting.  Plus there were a few veggies, salads, and an hour of basketball stuck in there, but over all I am appalled by my foolish ways.  I seem to have quickly gained back the weight that took months of colds, stomach bugs, and Fibromyalgic flare-ups to lose.  So this week ... I'm getting back to eating sensibly!

I always feel this incredible urge to adjust my digestive track after binging on fatty foods, by eating lots of fiber.  Since yesterday I have been feeding on black beans and brown rice.  And in the morning I LOVE steel cut oats!  Never a fan of waiting around for 30-45 minutes for them to cook, I start them at night before heading to bed.  Following the measurements on the can/box, I bring the oats and water up to a boil and let simmer for one minute; remove from heat and cover.  Leave overnight and in the morning all I have to do is warm it through and serve with a pinch of salt and brown sugar.  Even my kids love it!

So, as entertaining and eating out has died down, I'm truly hoping that my body doesn't hold the atrocities that I inflicted upon it against me.  Or rather ON me.

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