Sunday, May 1, 2011

I See The Light

When she heard there was to be a talent show at her school, my daughter immediately wanted to participate.  It wasn't long before she determined that she'd sing a song, "I See The Light" from her favorite movie, Tangled.  For weeks she practiced, memorizing the words and learning the melody.

When auditions were held, she was the first to try out.  With poise, confidence and a few pangs of nervousness she walked up to the microphone, introduced herself and the song she would sing, and sang her little heart out.  Needless to say, she made it!

Last night was the performance.  The performers had a grand entrance into the gymnasium, where they got to walk the "red carpet" and were sat down in order of their performance.  There were 29 performances - all under two minutes - and we saw a comedy act, some dancing, one girl danced with her black Labrador, a young lady hula hooped with three hoops at a time, and there was a lot of singing with Taylor Swift songs as the popular choice of the night.  Some chose to sing with accompaniment, others used just their voice. 

 The performers make their way to the red carpet.

 She sang like and angel, and look how the star behind her looks like an angel wing!

Watching my little girl get up on the stage, take a brief pause, and then begin to sing, filling the room with her angelic voice ... well yeah, I cried.  I cried for at least a good five minutes!  She had practiced so hard, and seeing this little first-grader engaging the audience and displaying confidence was undeniably heartwarming.

 After the talent show, I presented with her with a bouquet of flowers and then took her over the red carpet to get some shots of her.  She really hammed it up!

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Way to go, sweet girl! I admire her poise and that beautiful smile is priceless.