Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's A Celebration

Wedding season is now upon us.  There is just something about the sunshine and vibrant colors of spring and summer that brings out a cause for celebration.  Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending a family wedding up in the Portland area.  I just have to just say, I LOVE special events!  People getting dressed up, sipping wine, eating good food, celebrating ... this wedding did not disappoint in any of these things.

Located on the awe inspiring grounds of McMenamins Edgefield, the wedding and reception was indoors, but guests had time to wander about and take in the scenery.  Since this is Oregon, it rained; but miraculously, the sun eventually came out and illuminated the sparkles on the bride's gown and brought out the colors of the flowers.  And the sky ... it was striated with deep shades of indigo and periwinkle - gorgeous!  It really was an ideal place for a wedding, full of old world charm, whimsical decor, and acres of rolling hills and vineyards.

The bride (my husband's cousin) and groom are honestly the tallest couple I've ever seen get married, and truly looked statuesque in their wedding day attire.  The flowers were stunning shades of citrus, and watching them drive away in a black vintage Bel Air was great fun.  

Ahh, it was a wonderful time of gathering with family and celebrating this couple's new life together.  Lovely, lovely.


Anna said...

That car! Weddings and brides have become so chic! I love what they come up with now.

(Rewind to my wedding ... mints and punch, anyone??)

Lindsay said...

BTW ~ Your dress is fabulous! I absolutely love it. :)

Kelly said...

Mints and punch ... I LOVE it! It's true, weddings these days are an entirely different affair than when we got married. There are so many good ideas out there!

Thanks Linds, the dress really was pretty great :)