Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Shall Call It "Disco Beach"

For the most part, I don't think often about my fingernails.  I don't think often about my toenails either for that matter.  Except occasionally when I have a special event or just don't want my feet to look gross.  So, I was rather surprised recently when I decided to venture into the nail art world.

Truthfully, I didn't do anything too spectacular or out of my comfort zone.  I added glitter.  That's it.  But the result is quite pleasant and special looking.  I've decided to call this look "Disco Beach"; it sparkles, it dazzles, the glitter looks like sand, and it would look great with a bathing suit or even a leisure suit.

What I used:

Base color:  L.A. Girl Matte in Matte White
Clear top coat: O.P.I
Craft glitter: Martha Stewart in White Gold
Small paint brush

What I did:

1. Apply two coats to nails in a light or neutral color.  I chose this off-white matte polish that was super cheap.
2. Dip a clean paint brush into a clear top coat and then into the glitter, and apply all over the nail.
3. After allowing first coat to dry, dip paint brush into top coat again and pick up more glitter, then apply to the tips of the nails only.

This method gives a lovely gradient or ombre effect.  I've seen examples where someone will take a color and find glitter to match for a dimensional look. And while there are glitter nail polishes out there that might be good for this, craft glitter is cheap and very sparkly.

So there you have it - a fancy nail how-to from yours truly.  In case you were wondering, my toes are painted Big Apple Red and have some white gold glitter that dazzles in the light.  I think I shall call that look "Twinkle Toes".