Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New (School) Year's Resolutions

By now school is in full swing.  It has taken me weeks, WEEKS, to get used to the new schedule.  I'd say it has been much harder on Mom than it has been for the kids.  Fortunately, I am now feeling settled.

I can owe my new found comfort to what I've decided to call "New School Year's Resolutions".  On January 1st of every year you won't find me making any resolutions, because I don't feel the motivation to and doubt that I will keep them.  But when school starts for the kids, I feel this urge to get organized!  My desire to schedule and plan and clean all combine to make a more prepared and confident mama!

Staying on top of housework has always proved to be a little difficult for me.  I love having a clean, clutter-free home (don't we all) but rarely is my house like that.  So, I've devised a plan to make housekeeping more manageable, by designating a day for different tasks:

Monday - bathrooms
Tuesday - dust & straighten
Wednesday - vacuum, sweep & mop floors
Thursday - bake bread
Friday - laundry
Saturday - relax
Sunday - meal planning & grocery shopping

I know, it's not rocket science, but sometimes it takes me a while for the light bulb in my head to turn on.  Now I make lists, I write things down more, I use a day planner!

This planner by Moleskine is perfect - it fit's into my purse, comes with stickers to mark events, and is my signature color: red!

Planning my weekly meals has proven very positive.  We rarely eat out, I buy (and use up) only what I need for that week, we are saving money, and when the dinner hour approaches I'm not in a panic trying to figure out what to feed my family!  On the menu for tonight: homemade pizza and salad.

Hmm, I think I should schedule some more time to blog, since it seems to be a rare event these days {sheepish grin}.


Zil said...

Cool that the reader can choose the way they want to view the blog!

Kelly said...

Yup, I decided to try the new viewing interface. It has kept all my colors and fonts, but now I don't have to do too much upkeep with it. I'm still trying to get used to it.