Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Greatest Invention of All Time

Okay, so maybe that it is a bit of an exaggeration to call it the greatest invention, but it comes pretty close! I am talking about the Bialetti Mukka Express stove top cappuccino maker. This polished aluminum beauty allows me to have a cup of frothy deliciousness whenever I want – and I don't have to leave the house to do so.

In my town there are very few places to get a truly awesome cappuccino, except for the local bagel shop. And being a busy mom, I rarely have time to stop somewhere and enjoy a cup. Coffee kiosks are very popular with my demographic – it's the battle between The Human Bean and Dutch Brothers. Both are good, but I think a cappuccino or latte deserves to be consumed out of a real cup. Going to these drive-thrus is also hard on the wallet and I can tell when the espresso machine hasn't been cleaned out.

So what is a coffee lover to do? Thumbing through a Crate & Barrel catalog I found an item that looked so intriguing I had to try it myself. I ordered the Mukka Express for a whopping $89, skeptical of its ability to produce my precious drink. When it arrived, I was a little overwhelmed by the contraption. There are many of steps you have to take to ensure a great cup of coffee. The instructions said you would have to discard the first few cups as you are “seasoning” the pot. I wasn't prepared for the huge amounts of coffee spewing all over my stove! It has taken me some time to get the system down, but since doing so I have enjoyed playing around with different blends of coffee. It doesn't produce perfectly white foam, but it takes up little space on the counter is easy to clean. Here is my recipe for a near perfect cappuccino:

Coffee Blend:
½ Starbucks House Blend
½ New Mexico Piñon Coffee
This blend provides a great espresso flavor without being too strong, the piñon gives a mild nutty flavor.

Whole milk works best if you have it. It is okay to add a little heavy cream to low fat milk too.

If you love this creamy Italian drink the way I do, I highly recommend this wonderful apparatus.


PeePaw said...

AT LAST! A Webb that likes coffee as much as I do. I am a more traditional coffee drinker than you, but I love it. I can drink a cup or two of "full leaded" coffee at 10:00pm and be asleep five minutes later. Coffee ... yummy stuff!

Kelly said...

I probably got my love for coffee from you. However, I can't sleep if I have "full leaded" coffee that late! I actually just love the flavor of coffee and use decaf. I buy regular for when you and other family come to visit. You are right, traditional or otherwise it is yummy stuff!