Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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The Good Old Days

This last weekend we had the opportunity to head up to the Bend area to see some friends from California. We stayed at a house in Sunriver, a resort not far from Mt. Bachelor. It was gorgeous there - the aspen trees were stunning as the leaves were changing color, we had picturesque views of the mountain, and we saw deer everywhere. It was something out of a Disney movie! On Sunday it rained, but I didn't mind, and Monday the weather was sunny and cool.

It is always a great thing to catch up with old friends. Sometimes it seems that time hasn't passed; that we are the same people we used to be in college. Then we see each other's offspring playing with our own and realize that things really have changed. We have families, careers and homes. Fortunately a package of Halloween Oreos and a chick flick can take us back to the good old days.

My son's first Halloween Oreo. Yummmmm!

Fall Festivities

When we were in Bend we stayed with my in-laws for a night. It's always fun to go to Meemaw and Boppa's house. I am always amused by how my daughter forgets about me when Meemaw is around and wants her to put her to bed, but my son still wants his mama.

We went to the Bend Fall Festival where we heard the Gospel Choir of the Cascades perform (Meemaw is part of the choir), and they sang a U2 song which made my day. There were craft booths and mazes made of hay bales and my daughter got to ride a pony. I'm no expert but she looked like a pro to me!

My daughter's first pony ride. Yeehaw!

A Disco Bride

Last week after I went to the gym, I called my house to see if my husband wanted me to pick up some dinner. I asked him what crazy things were going on around there and he said "Well, your daughter is wearing a wedding dress and we are listening to Saturday Night Fever." That's a sentence you don't hear too often!

Whatever, Cable!

I have Dish Network and don't get the Fine Living Network channel. I wish I did, there is a show on there called Whatever, Martha! that looks hilarious. Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis and a friend, watch old episodes of Martha's television shows and comment. Their comments are not always nice, but they are amusing. I imagine it must have been very hard growing up the daughter of the domestic diva.


Zil said...

Because of the size of the horse, Erin looks about 11!

Kelly said...

Yes, she did look more mature than four years old. That horse was the smallest one of the bunch!