Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Five Things About Me You Probably Don't Care to Know

1. Going to Sleep

When I take a nap during the day I can only sleep on my right side. But when I go to sleep at night I have to start out on my back. If I can't get to sleep instead of counting sheep I try to name the capitals of all 50 states. I can never remember Missouri (Jefferson City).

2. My Good Side

Photogenic is not how I would generally describe myself in photos. I do like some photos of me, but I think my face looks really asymmetrical. I tend favor the left side of my face because my mouth looks fuller, my teeth look straighter, and that eye is more open; plus I think my nose looks more "stuck-up" on the right side. I know I am being too self-critical; I don't notice such things with other people.

3. Magazine Hording

We recycle big time in our household. I can't help but feel a little guilty anytime I throw something away because it cannot be recycled. We are good at sorting through stuff and giving old clothes to Goodwill. There is, however, one weakness that I have ... magazines. I LOVE magazines! I have piles of them everywhere because I keep buying them but don't get rid of the old ones. For some reason I can't convince myself that I probably won't need that article on how to make my own marbled paper or what jeans Nicole Kidman preferred to wear in 2003. I know, I'm sick.

4. Ironing

I think ironing is enjoyable. I do. I like to starch my shirts and I find a great sense of accomplishment out of ironing my jeans. The problem is that I don't like to set up the ironing board, therefore ironing doesn't get done very often. I know, what is so hard about setting up the ironing board, right? Nothing. I just feel very unmotivated to walk into the laundry room, take the board down off the wall, unfold it and plug in the iron. I have no excuse for my laziness.

5. Coca Cola

It was tough at first to break myself of the habit of having a can of pop everyday. I just stopped buying it and decided to force myself to drink Perrier or Pellegrino instead - it's fizzy without the sickly sweet syrup. There are times when I HAVE to have a good bit of Coca Cola. When I eat Kraft macaroni and cheese Cherry Coke is a must and drinking water with most fast food just doesn't cut it. After consuming the vile liquid I always feel a little guilty for putting it in my body ... but it tastes so good!


heather said...

I am bringing over my wrinkled clothes and setting up the ironing board for you! =)

Kelly said...

Oh, goody! I'd be happy to iron for you ... and yes it would be helpful for you to take the first step and set up the board for me! Do you have any jeans you want ironed? They're my favorite!