Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Me

My daughter reminds me so much of ... well me, and it scares me a bit. She has the same tendencies to worry and be uptight. She likes to eat things like M & Ms or crackers in even numbers (silly, I know). And she loves clothes. She'll tell me out of the blue that she likes my sweater or a skirt that I am wearing. In some ways it is flattering and in other ways it is unfortunate. But either way it is a reminder that I should strive to be an example to her at all times ... because she is watching!

Yesterday I had put on a suede skirt and she wanted to wear her jean skirt because they were similar. She loves my hair when it is curled because that is how a "princess" wears it and she wants the same style. She likes the music I play on my iPod in the car; she wants to crochet or cook with me; she wants to go to the store with me; she likes to take naps in my bed and on my side of the bed. I am the central figure in her life right now.

A couple of weeks ago I heard her talking to Meemaw on the phone and was describing a recent car ride she took with me. "Mommy was frustrated because people were driving too slow and she got frustrated and yelled." That caused me to really think about my actions. She notices everything and mimics me. I'm just glad that I don't use profanity or obscene gestures to act out my frustrations - then I would really be in trouble!

I say that it is both flattering and unfortunate because it is nice to be loved and admired ... but I am flawed and don't always do the right thing. Then I remember that human role models are never perfect; and also that I can't get away with using the old saying of "do as I say and not as I do".


PeePaw said...

As you were growing up I saw a lot of your Mom's tendencies in you. Example, you both write very small and like a typewriter. The letters look the same each time they are used. You are right ... like mother like daughter!!

Kelly said...

I can see that! I do write small, but my handwriting isn't as good as Mom's. I see a few things in your grandson that remind me of you. Like that he loves cars and has an impish grin. It is fun to see traits passed down through the generations.