Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Graphic Designer's Approach to Voting

The Vice Presidential debate is tonight and I plan to watch it. I think perhaps that this debate will be more interesting than the Presidential debate because Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are pretty unfamiliar to me. In fact I had never heard of Sarah Palin until the day she was announced as John McCain's pick for VP.
I consider myself to be pretty apolitical, but I do vote - I always vote, it is responsibility I take seriously. But I don't know who I will vote for yet. My values tend to align better with a conservative plan, but I don't always vote republican. I am all for change in the White House, but I don't know which candidate will bring it. So, how do I determine my vote? I feel that Obama conducted himself better during the debate so should I vote for him? I think it is bold of McCain to choose a woman for his running mate so should I vote for him? What do I do? I think I will have to take a graphic designer's approach: who has the best logo and website!
Let's start with McCain/Palin. Their campaign's graphic style has a more formal look and focuses on McCain's military background with the presence of the star and muted colors. Their logo is very balanced and I am impressed that Palin's name has the same boldness and size as McCain's - that shows equality in a visual way. As for their website, it is pretty straight forward but isn't as clean as I would like. The colors muddle together and it looks a bit boring. I do like the celestial feel of the background on the top banner though.

This campaign sign has a military and almost maritime look to it.

The "I'm for" looks out of place, and the yellow color is a dull.
Whether you like Palin or not, you have to admit this button rocks!

Moving on the Obama/Biden. Their campaign's graphic style is modern and relatable. The colors are vibrant and even fun. The logo with the "O" is clever and I have nothing negative to say about it. I love how the flag looks like rows of crops with a sun rising on the horizon. Obama's name is bigger than Biden and is in white which makes it pop more against the bright blue background. Their website is clean, clear and well organized.

The colors in this sign are perfect. They evoke emotion and pride - the red, white and blue!

I am not a "supporter" of either campaign, but if I was for Obama I would love to wear this pin.

In reviewing the graphic styles of these two campaigns I would have to say that Obama wins! His designer or group of designers are excellent. But, alas I cannot make a reasonable decision based on graphics alone, so I guess I'll have to actually pay attention to the issues and debates. One thing I know is whoever wins, this is will be a very historical event and that to me is exciting.

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heather said...

I love this post and agree with you on your conclusions.