Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silver Bells

Yesterday afternoon, after a brief break in the weather, I headed to town to pick up a couple of things at the bookstore and stop in Starbucks for a little treat. It was so busy, I don't know why I was so surprised at the chaos of it all being this close to Christmas. I guess I assumed everyone else would want to hunker down in their houses on such a wintry day.
As I fought to get to my destination without slipping on the ice and breaking my neck, or running into the teen aged girls talking on their cell phones, I started thinking about that song, Silver Bells. I thought about how it must have been written in the very distant past as it just didn't seem to apply to today's culture. So bear with me as I analyze the lyrics of this Christmas favorite (my valuable comentary is in red):
City sidewalks busy sidewalks. Yup, they are busy all right.
Dressed in holiday style Occasionally someone will be wearing a festive scarf or sweater.
In the air
There's a feeling of Christmas Christmas panic that is.
Children laughing Yeah, they laugh as they wiz past you on their skateboards.
People passing Furiously, trying to get the last TMX Elmo!
Meeting smile after smile Really? I've never seen anyone smile at me.
And on ev'ry street corner you'll hear

Silver bells silver bells More like car horns honking.
It's Christmas time in the city This is true as indicated by the extended store hours.
Ring a ling hear them sing Who's singing?
Soon it will be Christmas day Yeah, only two days left!

Strings of street lights Blinking, stop the blinking!
Even stop lights That never seem to change when I want them to.
Blink a bright red and green Mostly red.
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures Yeah, and drive way too fast in the snow!
Hear the snow crunch And people's car fenders too.
See the kids bunch All to whine at their parents over some toy.
This is Santa's big scene Does Santa like mayhem?
And above all this bustle Lots and lots of bustle.
You'll hear Not really, too much bustle.

Silver bells, silver bells Well, I can hear the Salvation Army bells ringing.
It's Christmas time in the city Traffic jams prove this.
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing They sing "come spend your money here".
Soon it will be Christmas day Then the craziness will be over!

Okay, okay. I actually really love this time of year and don't mind going out in the bustle once in a while. I was just trying to be funny ... and somwhat truthful.

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heather said...

That is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Loved your insight added to it =).