Friday, March 27, 2009

Traveling Man

My son is also making so much progress on his walking. He is determined. He is focused. He can practically fly when using his walker. But when he senses that he is not being supported by anything, he panics and collapses. It's all about confidence and we are working on that. In fact, we are at the point where we can walk with him only using one hand!
Making our way down the driveway. He takes such big exuberant steps!

He will often pause for a moment, usually to point out a car or the wheels on a truck. He likes to take leisurely strolls and take in his environment.

Now we are really moving!

I can sense it ... it won't be long now where we won't be able to slow him down!


heather said...

That is wonderful! Thanks for the updates so I can rejoice with you. You are a great mom!

Zil said...

A treat to see! Your days are numbered, mommy!

PeePaw said...

That is fantastic news!! But ... now the fun begins. I can tell he will be full of energy. He has to make up for lost time.

Anna said...

Oh the triumphs in the lives our our children!

We've had a similar experience in our home (different area of struggle, but I'm relating to your story) ...we knew mastery would come, but it seemed like such a painful learning process for quite sometime.

The joy of now watching him succeed ... and love it ... yea!

Happy strolling this weekend!

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! I see progress everyday and I am so grateful that he wants to improve.

I am glad that I can share and record these moments.