Monday, October 11, 2010

One Spooktacular Treat

October is the month when I start thinking cozy thoughts.  My clean linen candles are packed away and replaced with festive pumpkin spice scents.  Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting is on my to-bake list.  And plans are made to visit the local pumpkin patch.  Another tradition that I look forward to is enjoying a quiet moment spent dunking Halloween Oreos into a cup of cafe au lait!

I know, they are not exactly elegant with their bright and artificially colored orange centers.  I don't want to think about the preservatives that are in each and every cookie (and we won't even talk about how the dark chocolate part looks on one's teeth after consumption).  But there is just something about these things that I crave this time of year!

Perhaps it is the memories of eating them with a friend/roommate of mine in college - we would laugh at the orange goop stuck in our teeth.  Maybe it's the embossed jack-o-lanterns and ghosts on each cookie that give me a warm nostalgic feeling.  Or it could be that they just taste really good.  In any case, it is one spookatcular treat I look forward to every October.  Yum!


Zil said...

Where is the picture of you with the orange goop stuck to your teeth?

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Yum! I was sitting hear drooling over your photos and thinking about how I wish I had a few vanilla oreos when my husband came up behind me, looked at your photos over my shoulder, and said, "You know what's good? Mint oreos." Hmmm, suddenly I'm thinking I *need* to go to Kroger!

Kelly said...

Yeah, even if I did have a photo of me with orange goop in my teeth, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't post it!!

Oh, and mmmmmm, the mint Oreos are SO good. They are another favorite of mine :)

heather said...

We must be enjoying similar coziness and goodies. I have a similar post set to post on my fav filled cookie-it is delish with tea.