Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anthropological Dig

Sure it's still summer, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about fall!  There is something about mid-August that has me dreaming of autumn style and cooler days.  Plus, Anthropologie keeps sending me their beautiful and drool worthy catalogs, filled with pages of stunning photos and high end goodness.

Just one glance at their gemstone colored flats and stylized loafers and I am hooked!  I think I would like just about every pair of heels in the book, not to mention the structured skirts and charming cardigans.

These are my favorites!  I am particularly drawn to the "Aim High Heels" and at nearly $400 a pair, I probably won't ever own them, but a girl can still window shop can't she?

I can already imagine the outfits I can assemble with these shoes.  And can I just say, I am SO glad to see that heeled loafers are making a comeback!?  I had a pair in the mid-90s and thought they were the greatest thing.  I admit that there are a few other looks from that decade that I am hoping will come back: sleeveless turtlenecks, anyone?

Stay tuned for some more finds on my "Anthopological Dig".  In the meantime, what is inspiring you?


Zil said...

I think there may be old shoes that look like those glossed loafers in the attic...

Anna said...

I am dreaming of a new pair of black riding boots for fall. Trouble is ... I can't find what I'm looking for. I even have some cash saved up!

Kelly said...

Mom, I will happily take those loafers home with me. And if they are too small for my big feet, I'll wear 'em anyway ... beauty is pain!

Anna, I would love some riding boots too! Let me know if you find the perfect pair.